I am a drama and prize-winning fiction writer based in Manchester. My plays have been performed across the UK, and my short stories have been published widely in print and online.

I graduated from Channel 4’s 4screenwriting Course in 2018, and I am currently working on original TV and audio drama projects, amongst other things.

Abi Hynes 1



“The tales that lingered once the lights went up and the chairs were stacked away were, however, those of Abi Hynes… a short sharp serving of dinner party terrorism, a drop of acid”

Review: Bad Language with Matt Haig and The Writing Squad


5 STARS: “shone light on historical events which might otherwise have remained unsung”

Burnley Plays review: remotegoat.com

“Once again, Hynes’ writing delves into history and delivers an accomplished emotional exploration of the facts with a vibrant and thought provoking piece”

“harnessed the power of women coming together with true working-class northern grit”

Burnley Plays review: Canal-St.co.uk

“Hornby and Hynes’ adaptations – returning the colour to these real-life events – were awash with vitality, bursting with dynamic storytelling, sharp wit and rich characters bubbling with emotion.”

“if a language for the LGBT experience is only just forming, these two writers are helping to broaden its boundaries by immersing it in both rich, eloquent vocabulary and a literary life of grit and hope”

Burnley Plays review: Burnley Express

“The strength of writing managed the difficult feat of synchronising historical truth with a poignant and human story but with a delicate sprinkle of occasional lightness.”

“A quiet line which says so much.”

“So much depth and thought-provoking stuff in this performance”

Mister Stokes review: Canal-St.co.uk

“Abi Hynes succeeds in making a shallow self-deluding character fascinating”

7 Veils review: Manchester Theatre Awards

“Irreverent and funny… [a] hugely enjoyable one-woman play”

7 Veils review: Northern Soul (4 stars)

“Full of energy and movement… definitely a solo show worth going to see”

7 Veils: Fringe Review

“A well-scripted, magnificent storyline… [conveys] powerful messages that beauty is only skin deep”

The Young: The Good Review

“billed as the festival’s first and only devised production, although it comes across as no less tightly scripted than its competitors”

The Young: Exeunt Magazine

“well written and thought provoking”

The Young: Go See This