Abi Hynes: Weird Sisters

I wrote a blog post for the lovely folk at Stirred Poetry. It’s about witches, women, and why the patriarchy likes to make us into monsters when it tells stories

Stirred Feminist Collective

I’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ about witches. To make that sound less weird – I suppose you could say I’ve got a ‘thing’ for the occult in general, and a special interest in women and the supernatural. Now – I could talk at length about my childhood obsessions with Buffy and Sabrina, or the fact that I once spent a whole week drawing life-size faces of vampires and decorating my bedroom wall with them. But, while this might offer fascinating insights into my psyche, if you dig just a little deeper, the subject of evil, magic and women gets a lot more interesting.


We all know who started it, don’t we? Eve. Fucking Eve, getting hot under the definitely-only-proverbial collar over a piece of fruit (FFS). She gets poor, blameless, totally-innocent-honest-Guvnor-apple-eating Adam chucked out of the Garden of Eden and lands the rest of us with…

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