Stories that haunt us

Another one for First Draft – on my obsession with water in fiction and the stories that won’t leave me alone

First Draft

As we get ready for our Haunted event in October, writer and First Draft producer Abi Hynes reflects on the stories that won’t leave us alone, and why…

ghost writer

There’s a running joke amongst the friends who read my writing regularly: ‘Abi writes water stories’. And it’s true. It started out as a deliberate theme; I was thinking about putting together a little collection of sea-themed short fiction. That collection never came to be, but, somewhere in that process, I have to admit that a bit of an obsession took hold.

I am fascinated by bodies of water. I suppose part of it is that I’ve been influenced by some of my favourite novels that use them as a setting; whether it’s Jeanette Winterson’s magical Venetian canals or Iris Murdoch’s visions of sea monsters. Water, as a choice of landscape, is tempting for its motion, for its ability to change…

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