The F Word

My post for First Draft on giving and receiving feedback as a writer

First Draft

Writer and First Draft’s producer Abi Hynes blogs about the art of giving and receiving feedback.

I never used to be any good at getting feedback.

If you make creative work of any sort, you might recognise how it usually goes for me. I write something. For a first draft, it comes from this intangible, murky centre of myself, with very little intervention from my critical brain. It spills out onto the page, and I step back and admire its mysterious power. I don’t want to look at it too closely – to ask too many questions about which parts of it work (or don’t work), and why. I don’t want to break the spell.

But I know I have to. Sometimes I might tackle a second, a third, even a fourth draft on my own, trying to be objective, trying to hone and tighten and improve. But at some…

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