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My blog post for Faro Productions on the making of our latest theatre show, 7 Veils: An evening with Mata Hari

Faro Productions

Writer Abi Hynes blogs about the relationship between 7 Veils and the ‘real’ history of Mata Hari.

There’s a lot of it about at the moment. The UK has got Centenary Fever; cue agonisingly repetitive productions of First World War plays, and even-more-painfully-manipulative-than-usual Christmas adverts.

But I can’t judge, because I’ve been guilty of jumping on this cynical/nostalgic band wagon as well.

The real Mata Hari The real Mata Hari

There were a few basic criteria when actor Laura Danielle Sharp and I first sat down together to choose a woman from history whose life we could turn into a solo theatre show – something we’d been wanting to make together for a long time.

  1. She had to have had a good innings. Laura was interested in playing the same character at different ages (one of her many talents on display in 7 Veils), so we needed some scope there.
  2. Her life should have…

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