Why two really IS company…

Some musings on creative collaboration and why it isn’t always awful

First Draft

I am not a natural or obvious collaborator. I’m really, really not. These days, I spend a lot of time around a lot of people, but (like a lot of writers, I’m sure), left to my own devices I am a natural loner.

And it’s not just a confidence thing. A certain amount of social awkwardness when facing the awfulness of, say, a room full of people in front of whom I must try and appear cool, funny, ‘nice’, or anything else that I really, honestly, unashamedly know I’m NOT, has possibly been a factor in forming this self-sufficient creative-control-freak who groans not-so-inwardly at any mention of enforced ‘group work’. Asked to produce anything artistic, even with a group of talented and thoroughly pleasant people (God help me if it’s other writers), I have two options: 1. Take charge, like the bossy girl at school, and nod politely at everyone’s…

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