Below is a list of my stories that have been published in print and are  available to buy.


Disturbing the Body – Boudicca Press

“She liked to have us perform on stage one at a time, in silence and with no instructions, to an audience of our classmates who were told to raise their hands as soon as they were bored. This is nothing, she would tell us if we looked hurt or angry. If you’d gone to drama school, you’d have to do this every day.



The Ghosts From Kathmandu

The Fairlight Book of Short Stories – Volume 1

“In the afternoons, Anuj plans the final disappearances. They are for the Tourists who will not come back. Leena knows never to ask why these people need to disappear.”



The Welcoming

Lucent Dreaming – Issue 7

“She twists the other way. Though I can barely make out the murky shape of her, I know the movement is weird. There’s something wet about it, like the way that hair moves underwater, and it’s too fast. And then she is across the room and closing the door behind her and turning the key in the lock with an awful ‘click’.”



The Finger

Dreams & Nightmares Magazine – Issue 114

“And she was lovely.
Skin so fine the moon shone through it, mouth so dark, the earth still in it
you should have seen her, fairy-light, and long grave cold
and I was proud to hold the bones of her upright to follow him.”

Dreams and Nightmares cover


Long Distance (stars and stars)

Neon – Issue 49

“I wake up suddenly cos she’s sitting on my chest. Her knees are by my ears and, well, she’s naked – I mean she’s totally perfectly naked so that is quite a sight. And you’d think it would be sexy wouldn’t you and I mean it is, it definitely is sexy, it’s just that actually it’s also quite intimidating, waking up to find a fully grown naked woman sitting on your chest at 3.15am when you haven’t been expecting it.”



A conversation recorded before the end of the experiment

Splice Anthology #1

“One of the things I think I should explain is that it was a shock to most of us when we arrived and saw you for the first time. In the flesh, as it were. You see, there was propaganda back home. We’d been told you were not so different from us. And of course that’s true in some ways, we do have plenty in common. But you see, at first sight… They’d used the word — it’s offensive, I know, I see that now — but the messaging back home used the word humanoid, and that led us to think…”

“You thought we would be having legs.”

Splice anthology cover

You can read an excerpt of my story here.


How To Eat A Grape

National Flash Fiction Day 2018 Anthology – Ripening

“1. I choose wisely. The best ones are large and firm, with almost no give when you squeeze them between your finger and thumb. I hold it up to the light, and let it glow. At least half of taste is looking. I look and look until my eyes are full.”



The Mark

Interzone – Issue 275

“I am going to climb the mountain. I’ve taken off my clothes, because there’s no one here to see me, and I’ve torn them into strips. I’ve knotted them to make one long stretch of fabric. I’ve made a little bundle. I’ve tied it at the small of my back and wrapped it round my waist, crossing, left over right, where my hips can take the weight. The bundle against my chest, then crossed again, over my shoulders, knotted at the back of my neck. It feels secure enough. I’m afraid of being naked like this, out in the open, but I must take it with me and I will need my hands free.”

The Mark interzone pic