My short stories have been published in a range of journals and magazines. Have a read for free online below.

The Savage Chapel

Winner of the Cambridge Short Story Prize 2020

“For the heart, it seems, time does not move forwards and backwards, but happens all at once. To the heart everything is present tense.”

st michaels 1


The Welcoming

Lucent Dreaming, issue 7

“The woman who must be my grandmother sits in the chair. She is absolutely quiet, but with every hair on my exposed arms I can feel the intensity with which she watches me, her old face unreadable, her eyes deep-set and shining.”



If you’re inviting one, you’ll have to invite all of them


“My grandmothers gathered in the village square and passed a bottle of cider back and forth between themselves…”

three old ladies




“Monkey school, we called it; all our doubles were really apes. We treated them like celebrities. We spent our time off-camera photographing them and begging to be allowed to hug them, just this once. But none of them were quite as clever as my Rosie…”



The Gastrosophist

Boudicca Press

“The Gastrosophist climbed up to stand on his gilded chair and sank the blade into the elephant’s back. The hot skin crackled as it split, but did not resist him. The knife cut deep and long and came out clean.”



The Something

Déraciné Magaine, Vol.2

“As a gesture, it didn’t frighten her. Her house wasn’t like old houses. It didn’t groan and whistle and scrape when the wind got up. The Something was not a gristly intruder, Andrea was sure. It was just the house itself.”




The Cabinet of Heed

“Moj’s cravings were so tame, Caleb was disappointed. He had been game for the whole experience: the late night ice cream expeditions, the stolen lettuces from witches’ gardens. What he hadn’t told her was that he’d started having cravings of his own…”

Cravings pic


The Ghosts from Kathmandu

Fairlight Books

“In the afternoons, Anuj plans the final disappearances. They are for the Tourists who will not come back. Leena knows never to ask why these people need to disappear.”



Ready or Not

Fairlight Books

“When Misha lost her first baby tooth, she understood that she was going to die one day…”



Dragon’s Breath

The Story Shack

“Something isn’t right with Jamie’s mummy. He can tell before he sees her; he knows it by the smoke creeping out beneath her bedroom door…”



The Pure of Heart

syntax & salt

“..Between you rests the worst thing that you will ever do. It is in the form of a great dark rock. Its cracks and creases are your future lifelines; they are your reasons, your excuses, your apologies. They tell the story of your future self.”



Little Brass Lamp

minor literature[s]

“…on the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day of the thirteenth year he’d been away, a little brass lamp appeared beside the thali plate. The lamp was scuffed and dented and ordinary. I held it between my legs and rubbed, and he slipped into my lap like butter.”



Gaming for Girls

Flash Fiction Magazine

“They could both feel it, the anticipation as the ground beneath her swelled and shrank, and his fingers quivered a rehearsal over the controls as she waited for him. “

Gaming for Girls Lara Croft


Lady Macbeth

Litro Online

“In the morning, it began: the torturous chess game to check whose heart was blackest…”

Lady Macbeth litro image



The Molotov Cocktail – Issue 6.2

“It must have been the sea that made him…”



The Gulls

Adhoc Fiction

“Give us a kiss, lady, give us a taste, go on. Come aboard for our last night of freedom.”

My story, The Gulls, for Ad Hoc Fiction, beautifully illustrated by Zowie Green


The Babysitter

The Fable Online – Issue 3

“As I say this, I smell smoke. The stairs are on fire.”

The Fable Online.JPG



Spelk Fiction

“‘Do you want to play?’ she asks, and he nods, feeling slightly sick.”

spelk image.jpg


St John’s Church

Rainy City Stories

“The dead keep knocking. Selfish, clamouring voices, the old ones jealous of the freshly dug graves…”


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